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Here at Executive Motorcars we believe in giving our customers the best used car buying experience possible. Along with our extensive knowledge and time in the automobile industry, we are here to help you feel confident and reassured in your car buying experience with us.
 So let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Jason Henthorn, and I am the General Manager here at Executive Motorcars. Our dealership is supported by our community, close friends and Family. All of which are just as important to us as your friends, family, and community are to you. We do not believe in throwing Principal ways of life out there that have double standards. We just believe in good HONEST business and GREAT customer service. We will stand 100% behind what we say and make it known through the industry and the community that this is how we truly conduct our business. We know, without a doubt, our customers will enjoy their car buying experience they have with us. Solely because our names are joined with this business, that supports our families, and we want people to feel just as relaxed here as if we were part of your family.
All of our vehicles are looked over thoroughly, from the start of our buying process, all the way through to us posting them for sale. Major repairs are not overlooked or hidden from our customers. We stand behind the quality of vehicles we sell and back them all with at least a 3 month 3,000 mile powertrain warranty. We look forward to giving you the best car buying experience you deserve here at Executive Motorcars.

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